Jeffrey Dean Morgan Didn’t Like The Good Wife Finale, Seems to Be Shipping Jason and Alicia

Farewell, Jason. Photo: Jeff Neumann/CBS

Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who joined The Good Wife in the middle of season seven to become its resident sexy investigator, isn’t so happy about the fate of said sexy investigator. During the series’s dream-ghost-happy finale, Alicia can’t decide whether to go all in with Morgan’s character, Jason, but ultimately they seem to go their separate ways. “My feeling was we raised so many questions about Jason and this relationship that he had with Alicia that I felt like nothing was ever answered, you know?” Morgan said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “So I walked away frustrated for my character and Alicia’s character in not having any kind of closure with that.” 

Morgan added that he hasn’t actually seen the episode, only read the script, and that he got a call two weeks after they wrapped the episode to do “a little bit of a reshoot,” but he couldn’t make the time to do it. “I was so big on that story that got introduced so early on about who this guy was, and did he really beat up a judge?” he said. “And what about this temper that they built up so much? And then nothing.” Morgan, clearly invested in this relationship, added that his favorite episode to shoot was the one where “we fell in bed together.” He believes Jason would come back to Alicia in the end, though he admits that it’s not for him to know.

Julianna Margulies liked the finale a lot more, or at least acted as if she did, according to Morgan. “I remember reading [the finale script], I put it down, I ran into work, and I saw Julianna and I was like, ‘What the f— is this?’” he said. “And she’s like, ‘I had to read it like, ten times. I think I get it. I think I understand what we’re trying to do here,’ and I’m like, ‘Let me know because I don’t know.’” Hey, that’s probably more detail than Morgan got when asked about Archie Panjabi.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan Didn’t Like Good Wife Ending