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Britney Spears and Jimmy Kimmel Rave and End Up in Bed Together — Not So Much in That Order

Jimmy Kimmel, historically a most merry prankster, was himself the pranked one on Wednesday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! But the man who makes children cry got off pretty easy at the hands of Britney Spears. Like, waking-up-in-bed-with-Britney-Spears-was-the-whole-prank easy. Honestly, Spears’s appearance in a sleeping Kimmel’s bedroom, joined by a handful of scantily clad male backup dancers, might more rightly be called a pleasant surprise than a prank, but that’s semantics for ya! Man, Jimmy Kimmel and Molly McNearney (the show’s co-writer and Kimmel’s wife) really need to work on their work/life balance, geez.

Jimmy Kimmel Wakes Up in Bed With Britney Spears