Joanne the Scammer Breaks Into Caucasian Lady Chelsea Peretti’s House

Joanne the Scammer is hitting the big time. After strings of short viral videos, Joanne is back with a longer sketch, “Caucasian Living” for Super Deluxe, where she shows off her rich, Caucasian lady lifestyle. She’s made it! Just kidding, it’s a scam you guys. It’s Chelsea Peretti’s house! (Probably not.) It’s not surprising that Peretti has joined Joanne the Scammer (née Branden Miller) for the video. “I think women frequently are trying to be likable, and it’s so cathartic to see this female character that isn’t doing any of those things,” Peretti told The Fader in a profile on Miller. And bless your Vicodin prescription, because they both get to be unlikable here.

Joanne the Scammer Robs Chelsea Peretti’s House