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Watch Joey Bada$$ Recite Kanye West’s McDonald’s Poem from Frank Ocean’s Zine

Now that is seems like Joey Bada$$ won’t be explaining many more episodes of Seinfeld to Elliot on Mr. Robot, the rapper is taking some time to recite the poetry of one Kanye West. During his appearance on HOT 97, Joey Bada$$ read Kanye’s ode to the golden arches, “McDonald’s Man,” a poem which debuted last weekend in Frank Ocean’s zine Boys Don’t Cry. In the poem, which we presume to be some sort of allegory for Kanye’s own artistic triumph, the McNuggets, Diet Coke, cheeseburgers and shakes are all jealous of the french fries and fries vague “plan,” except for “one special guy, that smooth apple pie.” After his melodic reading, Joey Bada$$ complimented the writing, “Wow. Classic. Shakespearean.” The fries, you see, are Hamlet and the apple pie is Horatio and there are more things in Happy Meals and dollar menus than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

Joey Bada$$ Recites Kanye’s McDonald’s Poem