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John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell Will Reunite to Star in Holmes & Watson

Photo: Getty Images

Will Ferrell has played opposite a lot of great comedic performers throughout the course of his career, but John C. Reilly might be his perfect screen complement. The two look like they could be your unassuming uncles at a family birthday party, and their sensibilities just work together, as demonstrated by Talladega Nights and Step Brothers. Well, you can stop playing those movies on repeat to get your high anxiety man children comedy fix, because Deadline is reporting that the pair is coming together once again for Holmes & Watson, a comedy based on the characters from Arthur Conan Doyle. Ferrell will play Sherlock Holmes and Reilly, his loyal companion John Watson, making them the fourth currently active realization of the two characters across screens large and small. According to Deadline, Ferrell was originally meant to star in Holmes & Watson alongside Sacha Baron Cohen (also from Talladega Nights). That never materialized, and it’s probably a good thing, since Reilly and Ferrell feel like comedy soul mates, and have apparently been searching for another project to collaborate on for years. Etan Cohen, who made his directorial debut with the Ferrell-Kevin Hart vehicle Get Hard, will helm the project, which promises to put a distinct imprint on one of the great hetero-male romances of all time.

John C. Reilly, Will Ferrell are Holmes & Watson