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John Cho Is Starring in a New Movie About Modern Architecture

John Cho. Photo: JEAN BAPTISTE LACROIX/AFP/Getty Images

In an adaptation of the popular Twitter meme #StarringJohnCho, John Cho will star in a new movie, Variety reports. It’s called Columbus, and it’s the first feature by the visual artist Kogonada, who says he was inspired by the modern architecture of the Indiana* city. Cho will play “the estranged son of a prominent architectural critic,” alongside Parker Posey as his father’s younger girlfriend, and newcomer Haley Lu Richardson as a young woman “who finds solace in the architecture that surrounds her.” Finally, that quote about “dancing about architecture” will get some competition.

* This post originally misstated the show’s setting as Columbus, Ohio, not Indiana. 

John Cho Is Starring in a New Architecture Movie