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John Oliver: Is Trump’s Response to Khizr Khan the Nail That Goes Through America’s Foot?

It’s tea time with John Oliver! This week’s Last Week Tonight clip focuses on the Democratic National Convention, where the Democrats looked like the party of Amurica, filled with patriotism and balloons. So many balloons! Oliver recapped the speeches, but focused on the one by Khizr Khan, whose son died serving in Iraq. It was Khan who cut through the insanity of the campaign, and Oliver thinks (hopes?) that Trump’s callous response to the Khan family is what might derail the Trump campaign. Oliver has an excellent metaphor for the crazy that Trump has exhibited during his campaign, which he compares to a bed of nails: One loose remark might bring down a candidate, but hundreds? Well, it’s like the slippers with those little nubbins that massage the extreme nativist element of America.

John Oliver on Trump’s Response to Khizr Khan