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John Oliver Pitches His Own Superhero-Movie Franchise: Johnny Strong

While Last Week Tonight takes a short summer hiatus, host John Oliver saw an opportunity to pitch moviegoers a new, “unconventionally attractive” superhero, “Johnny Strong.” Oliver, a late-night comedian who regularly fights against the injustices brought on by retirement plans, medical debt and politicians stealing songs, introduced to the world, in a web-exclusive video, Johnny Strong, a fifth-grader who will save our world from real, important evils: Doc Bedtime and Mrs. Thomas the clarinet teacher. Considering how many superhero movies there are out there, with multiple actresses even vying to play the obscure Squirrel Girl, it seems like only a matter of time before this “kick-ass hero with a bad attitude” hits the silver screen. Is Dave Franco available?

John Oliver Pitches New Superhero: Johnny Strong