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John Oliver Attempts to Parse Donald Trump’s ‘Sarcasm,’ Which Just Results in Lots of Sarcasm

One of Donald Trump’s favorite campaign tactics is to use a slightly less sophisticated form of dog-whistle politics, and one of his favorite subjects is suggesting that President Obama is a secret Islamic terrorist. He did this after the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, saying that President Obama has got “something else on his mind,” and now, most recently, he declared Obama the “founder of ISIS” — and Hillary Clinton its co-founder. He doubled down on that comment with a very understanding conservative radio show host only to later backtrack and say that he was deploying the fine art of “sarcasm.” Only wait! Then he said he was “not that sarcastic, to be honest.” Whew, these poor dogs must be so confused.

John Oliver Tries to Parse Trump’s ‘Sarcasm’