Jordan Klepper Quizzes Trump Supporters with the ‘Extreme Vetting’ Ideology Test on ‘The Daily Show’

Donald Trump recently proposed a new approach to allowing Muslim immigrants into the country using an “extreme vetting” technique involving an “ideology test,” so The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper decided to take that test – which calls for immigrants to embrace religious freedom, gender equality, and gay rights – and see if Trump’s supporters pass it with flying colors. As you might expect, all of the Trump fans Klepper puts to the test don’t do very well. Especially the Hillary/Monica t-shirt guy:

Trump supporter: These extreme nations, they don’t treat women with respect… Klepper: We treat women with respect here. Trump supporter: Yes we do. Klepper: That’s an American ideal. Trump supporter: Yep. Klepper: Tell me about your shirt. What’s it say? Trump supporter: It says… [laughs] “Hillary Sucks But Not Like Monica.” Klepper: Hilarious. So we were talking about treating women with respect… Trump supporter: It’s an American ideal that we treat women with respect. Klepper: You gotta give me the back of that shirt one more time, that’s too much fun. Trump supporter: [turns around] “Trump That Bitch!” Klepper: [laughs] We don’t even see the irony of it. I love it!

Jordan Klepper Quizzes Trump Supporters with the […]