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Kevin Hart’s Rapper Alter Ego, Chocolate Droppa, Is Dropping an Album

Photo: NBC

Maybe Kevin can wait, but Chocolate Droppa is ready for his day in the sun: Kevin Hart’s rapper alter ego is releasing an album. Billboard reports that Droppa, a persona Hart has played for at least six years, has signed with Motown Records. He’ll drop(pa) his debut album sometime this fall. To those unfamiliar, Chocolate Droppa is not the thoughtful, complex Childish Gambino to Hart’s Donald Glover. He’s a joke character who spits a pretty frail flame intentionally. As the AV Club points out, Hart even played Droppa in a Saturday Night Live sketch last year. Now, as for whether Droppa’s a joke that’s actually funny, well that’s a matter of the Hart.

Kevin Hart’s Rapper Alter Ego Signs Record Deal