becky with the good hair

Rachel Roy Reportedly Sent the LAPD to Swarm the Beyhive Over Alleged Hack

This isn’t over yet. Photo: Getty Images

After being universally vilified as the “Becky With the Good Hair” who was perhaps responsible for meddling in Beyoncé’s marriage, Rachel Roy is seeking revenge. The fashion designer — who picked the wrong time to include a “good hair” reference in an Instagram post — has got the LAPD on the hunt for whoever hacked her private accounts. TMZ reports that Roy says her iCloud and Gmail accounts were hacked and her phone number changed without her consent in the days following the release of the infamous “Sorry” lyric. She’s also not sorry, and has sent the LAPD to sting the Beyhive back (whom she believes to be the hackers) with an ongoing investigation. The LAPD reportedly has a search warrant to go through phone and email records and are said to be on the honey trail.

LAPD Investigating Beyhive for Rachel Roy Hack