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A Damn Fine Statue of Lemmy Kilmister Was Unveiled in Los Angeles

Nothing can, and will, adequately fill the void that Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister left behind following his death last December, but an impressive bronze memorial statue in West Hollywood might slightly lessen the blow. The life-size statue created by local artist Travis Moore  was unveiled earlier this week at the Rainbow Bar & Grill in Los Angeles, which Lemmy frequently visited when he was in the area. “Lemmy was a fixture here,” Mikael Maglieri Jr., one of the owners, told Noisey. “Since I was a little kid, he’s been coming around, playing his video games, smoking cigarettes. If he was not on tour, he was here.” The statue’s completion was made possible by a fundraising effort between friends and fans, with the surplus funds being donated to cancer research. “This is for the fans. Nothing corporate. Not the label, nothing,” ex-Motörhead manager Todd Singerman told L.A. Weekly. “[Lemmy] would always say, at every show, ‘Don’t forget us, we are Motörhead, and we play rock ‘n’ roll.’ That’s my job now.” Those mutton chops will live on forever.

Photo: Mike Maglieri
Lemmy Kilmister Statue Unveiled in Hollywood