Leslie Jones’ Infectious Enthusiasm For the Olympics Earned Her a Trip to Rio

Leslie Jones hasn’t let her recent brush with Twitter trash-talkers keep her down – not only is she still online, she’s been posting a constant stream of Olympic commentary that’s so hilarious, it’s earned her an official invitation to the games.

Jones’ running recaps capture highlights of every event, from ping pong to gymnastics, plus plenty of words of encouragement for Team USA:

Jim Bell, executive producer of NBC’s Olympics coverage, has clearly been charmed by her enthusiasm. After Mike Shoemaker – a producer on Saturday Night Live, Late Night with Seth Meyers, and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon – cc’d him on a string of Jones’ tweets, Bell extended a public invitation to the SNL and Ghostbusters cast member (later posting a follow up that indicates this could all actually happen):

So, cross your fingers, because Jones taking a spot on NBC’s Olympic coverage could end up being a highlight of this summer’s games.

Leslie Jones’ Infectious Enthusiasm For the Olympics […]