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Leslie Jones Continues to Have the Greatest Time at the Rio Olympics As She Goes On Air for NBC

Photo: @lesdoggg

Leslie Jones has undoubtedly been the Cinderella story of the Rio Olympics, with her enthusiastic live-tweeting netting her a personal invitation from NBC to fly out and visit the Games. Now, after touching down in Rio earlier this week and attending dozens of events in her signature patriotic outfits, Jones has finally made her Olympics television debut, where she joined Ryan Seacrest to co-host NBC’s late-night Saturday evening coverage on Copacabana Beach. Though official video of her segment has yet to be released, The Hollywood Reporter reports that the duo discussed the day’s top events and Jones’s history of watching the Olympics with her family. “It’s a time where all of us can forget about all the BS that’s going on and come together and compete as a country,” the superfan told Seacrest. “The USA swimming team made that pool their bitch! All of them were straight warriors!” Check out some of the highlights from her day below.

Leslie Jones Joins NBC On Air for Rio Olympics