Leslie Jones’s Personal Website Was Reportedly Hacked This Morning

SNL and Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones has unfairly had to put up with a constant onslaught of racist and sexist harassment on Twitter and elsewhere since she became a mainstream name. As if the Twitter harassment wasn’t enough, today Jones’s website was hacked, and the attackers replaced it with photos that grossly violate her privacy (nude shots, photos of her passport and driver’s license) as well as photos that are blatantly hateful, vile, and racist. Jones briefly left Twitter last month after enduring relentless abuse and attacks, but things started looking up earlier this month when her Olympics tweets earned her a job as an NBC Olympics correspondent in Rio.

For now, Jones’s website is offline, but hopefully it’ll be fixed and back up soon. More importantly, hopefully Twitter takes more steps to fight against the kind of escalating harassment Jones has experienced for too long now. “It’s like that’s my favorite restaurant,” she told Seth Meyers last night on Late Night last month. “I love the food there…three people just got shot in front of me. Y’all need to get some security! … Hey, hate speech and freedom of speech — two different things.”

Leslie Jones’s Personal Website Was Reportedly Hacked […]