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Lifetime to Air Michel’le Biopic, a Straight Outta Compton From the Women’s Side

The tea will be spilled. Photo: Getty Images

Last year’s Straight Outta Compton may be remembered as one of the best music biopics to date, but its legacy will likely always have an asterisk beside it. The film, a retelling of N.W.A.’s rise to fame, came under fire last year for omitting Dr. Dre’s history of violence against women. Two of his accusers, journalist Dee Barnes and singer Michel’le, criticized the film’s erasure of those facts and denounced Dre’s apology statement as “good PR.” Now one of the women will get to tell her side of the story: Lifetime is set to air Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Me, a biopic about Michel’le, who was engaged to Dre and has a son with him. She was also signed to Death Row Records, later marrying and divorcing its controversial label head, Suge Knight. Lincoln Heights’ Rhyon Nicole Brown will star as Michel’le, Curtis Hamilton will play Dr. Dre, and R. Marcos Taylor will reprise his role as Suge Knight from Straight Outta Compton for Lifetime’s biopic, which is set for October. Watch its ominous first teaser promising “the truth” over at Billboard.

Lifetime to Air Michel’le Biopic Dre, Suge & Me