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Leftovers Star Margaret Qualley Descends Into Madness in Spike Jonze’s Perfume Ad

Spike Jonze, with the help of original music by his brother Sam Spiegel, unleashed the true Margaret Qualley from the confines of the thought-provoking drama The Leftovers in a truly bonkers ad for Kenzo Perfume. Instead of appearing in some sexy hair-in-the-wind, dark-shadows-everywhere, shirtless-horseman fragrance commercial, Qualley, a classically trained dancer, pulled out all of her best moves. There are flawless aerials and eyebrow wiggling, next to plenty of aggressively energetic choreography. Not even Christopher Walken in Fatboy Slim’s “Weapon of Choice” music video (also directed by Spike Jonze, and also taking place in a mostly empty lobby) can compare to this glory. Here’s a breakdown of the best moves:

The possessed-by-demons shimmy:

The check-yourself:

How to discreetly check for pit smells:

It’s electric (boogie woogie) finger-pointing:

The kick it:

The stick it:

The lick it:

Even her eyebrows are better at dancing than you.


Check Out Margaret Qualley’s Bonkers Dance Moves