Marvel’s Squirrel Girl Reportedly Being Developed for TV

Get ready. Photo: Marvel

Chut-chut-chitty-cht-cht! What, you don’t speak squirrel? Fine, I’ll translate: It appears that Marvel’s strange and beloved heroine Squirrel Girl might be heading to the small screen. TVLine reports that Marvel is developing a TV series about the long-standing, youthful super-team the New Warriors, one which would “put the spotlight” on S.G. She hasn’t typically been depicted as a New Warriors member in the past, but the character’s energetic fan base isn’t likely to care about details like that. It seems like a project that’s a little too small for Anna Kendrick, but mayhap Shannon Purser (she of Barb fame) could fit into the paw-shaped glass slipper? 

Squirrel Girl–Led TV Series Reportedly in Works