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Max Steel Trailer: When Transformer Bugs Attack

Hasbro has sat atop the toys-adapted-into-movies throne for too long, and Mattel is hoping to stage a weaponized robot coup with Max Steel, which just got its first official trailer. Ben Winchell stars as Max McGrath, a boy who’s moved around a lot with his mom, played by Maria Bello, and has no idea that his body possesses the capacity to generate phenomenal amounts of energy that effectively turns him into a superhuman — or in the parlance of our times, an enhanced/superhero/mutant depending on which studio owns your rights. Max learns that these abilities were imparted to him by his deceased father, who was a scientist that he doesn’t know much of anything about, from a sassy A.I. drone named Steel (voiced by Josh Brener). And when Max and Steel join together, they make the titular hero who must defend the world from the evil Ultralinks, which, according to the Max Steel Wikia, are “are an alien race of small, sentient parasitic aliens” that turn things into monsters when they touch them, and are under the control of an overlord named Makino, which could be the giant ultra-villain we see in the trailer. Your move, Transformers.