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Former U.S. Gymnast McKayla Maroney Will Now Try to Impress the World With ‘Vulnerable Pop’ Music

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As we speak, dozens of pint-size women are putting their elite athleticism to the test on the beam, bars, and other insane gymnastics apparatuses in hopes of Olympic gold in Rio. Thousands of miles away in L.A., former U.S. women’s gymnast McKayla Maroney is on the hunt for a considerably different kind of gold. London 2012’s meme queen has announced that she’s been vaulting to the studio and ready to drop her debut single on the world. She tells Us Weekly that her retirement from gymnastics put her through an “identity crisis” at the shriveled age of 20, but thankfully, she’s found herself again in what she can only describe as “vulnerable pop” music, a genre Drake would surely approve of. “It’s all melody and lyrically driven and heart drive …. [my] favorite thing to sing about is love,” she says, citing Taylor Swift as her new squad captain. “Ghost” (a nod to her ghosting on the U.S. team?) will arrive on September 8, not long after Rio 2016 concludes. Just one question: Are you impressed?

McKayla Maroney Is Launching Her Music Career