You Probably Won’t Be Able to Guess What Michael Douglas’s Son Has Tattooed on His Abdomen

Cameron Douglas.

Michael Douglas’s son Cameron was recently released after spending almost seven years in prison on drug charges, and he’s been celebrating his newfound freedom by posting pictures of what Us Weekly appropriately calls his “buff, post-prison bod” to Instagram. One recent shot spotlighted by the tabloid reveals an interesting pair of tattoos. Can you guess, reader, what Cameron Douglas has tattooed on his stomach?

Yes, that’s right: Besides sort of having Michael Douglas’s face on his own face, Cameron Douglas also has Michael Douglas’s face on his right abdomen. (The image of Michael appears to come from Wall Street.) The tattoo is accompanied by an image of Cameron’s 99-year-old grandfather, screen legend Kirk Douglas, on the left. This is the second time Michael Douglas’s middle-aged face has shown up in a surprising place, after Ant-Man.

Michael Douglas’s Son Cameron Has Weird Tattoos