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Miles Teller Isn’t Sure If He’ll Be Forced to Be in the Divergent TV Movie

Miles Teller.

Thanks to diminishing critical and financial returns for the YA franchise, the Divergent series will go quietly into the night when its fourth and final installment premieres not in theaters, but as a TV movie. The lowered horizons for the franchise’s last chapter has left much of the original cast — who appeared to regret signing on to the series as early as the second movie — unsure of their obligations to the film. As Miles Teller told Variety at the War Dogs premiere, he’s “talked to nobody” about the movie, only hearing that it would head to TV “20 minutes before” everybody else did. “When we all signed on for the first one we had every intention of finishing it theatrically,” Teller explained. “We signed on for X amount of movies and you take that all into consideration. We wanted to see that story line finish [but now] it’s moving into a different format. So who knows?” Teller previously told W magazine he felt “dead inside” while shooting the first Divergent movie, so the thought of getting out of the movie probably provides him with some solace.

Miles Teller Not Sure If He’s in Next Divergent