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Morgan Freeman Gives One Man’s Life Meaning With the Gift of Narration

As but a speck in this big, fat universe, it can be hard to feel like you — yes, you — really matter. Sometimes you’re walking down the street, chewing some food product, feeling okay, alright, not too bad, but ultimately … insignificant. Well, throw that feeling right in the trash, because Morgan Freeman says you — yes, still you — are worthy. Okay, he doesn’t say that exactly, but if you were that guy chewing a thing on Hollywood Boulevard on Thursday, Freeman validated your existence right good by narrating it on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. And it’s not like Freeman will waste that thick timbre narrating just anything. No, he saves that beaut of an intonation for God and nature and wormholes and Hillary Clinton and promotional navigation apps and other 100-percent worthy causes! So chew away, sir, because surveillance is like being swaddled in a blanket of wool when Morgan Freeman is Big Brother.

Morgan Freeman Narrates a Random Man’s Life