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Nia Long Will Play the Hillary to Idina Menzel’s CC in Lifetime’s Beaches Remake

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Despite our great hopes that the producers of Lifetime’s Beaches remake would cast Lea Michele to play opposite her cosmic twin, Idina Menzel, it seems they had much more age-appropriate plans for the movie. Nia Long has been cast to play the Hillary to Menzel’s CC, the Barbara Hershey to her Bette Midler, in the movie that will try to make us all cry as much as the 1988 original. Fortunately, the role of Hillary’s daughter, Victoria, is still available. That means there’s still time for Michele and Menzel (Menchele?) to be reunited onscreen. And, no, Michele isn’t the right age for that role either, but the possibility of Menchele (doing it) singing a reprise of “Wind Beneath My Wings” together as the screen fades to black should offset any weirdness that comes with having a 29-year-old play a character that’s probably supposed to be 10.

Nia Long to Play Hillary in Beaches Remake