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People Keep Making Game of Thrones Jokes About Olympian Brandon Starc

Brandon and Bran. Photo: Getty Images, HBO

Australian high jumper Brandon Starc will compete in the Olympic finals today, and for whatever reason, people will probably keep making Game of Thrones jokes about him. This is probably because of his mild resemblance to Isaac Hempstead Wright (they are both reedy white guys), and possibly the fact that his name sounds a whole lot like Bran Stark (a stretch, we know). Also, Starc is very good at jumping very high, while Stark is known for falling very far. The jokes spread like wildfire.

No one can decide which species of Australian wildlife is best inserted into a three-eyed raven joke.

Starc himself seems blissfully unaware of his new Game of Thrones fans as he heads into the finals, though blissfully unaware is the default position of Starks everywhere.

Olympian Brandon Starc Gets a Lot of GOT Jokes