Listen, Kids: The 2020 Olympic Games Just Got a Lot More Radical

Karate Day 1: Baku 2015 - 1st European Games
It’s pronounced “ka-ra-TAY.” Photo: Paul Gilham/Getty Images

How do you do, fellow teens. Why don’t you put down your smartphones, stop hunting Pokémon, and pay attention to the 2020 Olympics? The International Olympic Committee announced Wednesday the addition of five new Olympic sports for the Tokyo Games: skateboarding, surfing, climbing, karate, and baseball/softball. The latter pair were both removed from the Olympic slate after 2008; the other four are brand-new to the Games. As the committee admitted, the new sports are part of an “innovative” move to get more young people invested in the Olympics. In the words of IOC president Thomas Bach, “We want to take sport to the youth.” To further this approach, the 2020 Olympics are expected to air exclusively on the CW.

Olympics Add 5 New Sports for 2020 Games