Owen Ellickson’s Trump Parody Twitter Feed Almost Makes This Nightmare Election Worth It

Over the past few weeks, writer/producer Owen Ellickson (The Office, Superstore, The King of Queens) has been Tweeting updates from the failing Trump campaign, tracking the candidates’ every strategic move and public statement. His feed reads like an insider’s account of Trump’s inner workings – and absolutely none of it is true.

Ellickson’s Bizarro World version of Trump is completely unchained, a wannabe dictator who scoffs at Black Mirror’s pig-fucking President for not coming soon enough, who accuses Hillary of “doing Skittles,” who insults the moon and wants his VP to campaign while cosplaying as Frasier. Paul Ryan and Chris Christie are there, too, continually trying to talk Trump out of his impulsive ideas but just making everything worse.

On top of being totally hilarious, this ongoing narrative is brilliant because, by giving us the craziest possible Trump, it shines a bright light on the fact that none of this feels too far off – it’s a little too easy to imagine the man who could actually possibly be a President actually saying some of these things.

Some highlights:

Read the full thread on Storify below, and follow @onlxn for continuing updates from the campaign.

Owen Ellickson’s Trump Parody Twitter Feed Almost […]