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My Blind Brother Trailer: Imagine a Bizarro Parks and Rec About Ben, Mona-Lisa, and the Douche in a Love Triangle

My Blind Brother stars Adam Scott, Jenny Slate, and Nick Kroll in a good old-fashioned sibling-rivalry parable. But the veritable Parks and Recreation reunion flips the script a bit, because — believe it or not — Kroll is not the douche. That honor belongs to Scott, whose character is blind, accomplished, and also a bit of a jerk. Kroll plays his relatively underachieving, definitely underappreciated, bro, while Slate is the woman who gets wedged in the middle as she helps Scott’s character train for a charity swim race. Oh, and Zoe Kazan also stars in this movie, which, eventual actual quality aside, has a very excellent cast. My Blind Brother, teaching the lesson that exceptional American awfulness can be found in anyone, hits theaters September 23.

My Blind Brother Trailer Has Parks and Rec Alums