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A Poldark Season 2 Teaser Is Here to Keep Period-Drama Goodness Going Until Outlander Returns

Ah, Masterpiece Theater, wherein we stare longingly at people staring longingly at each other, and the whole cycle even makes us feel kind of classy to boot. A teaser for the second season of Masterpiece’s Poldark is here, right on time, as if your Outlander-induced period-drama withdrawal reared forth, tripping PBS’s silent alarm. Poldark, which stars the not-bad-looking Aidan Turner as a onetime Revolutionary War soldier making his way, returns with ten episodes of “old betrayals, new temptations and untamed passions” on September 25. Catch up on why you should watch here, and then revel in the cruel restraint of people not feeling their very felt feelings — until, of course, they do — above.

Poldark Season 2 Teaser: Longing Looks Aplenty