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Shark-Based Action Thriller Meg Gets More Ridiculous, Casts Rainn Wilson

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Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

The movie Meg is an enigma wrapped in a mystery. Not because we don’t know anything about it; we actually know a lot at this point. It’s just that the idea of a movie about an ancient monster-shark raining down terror on coastal China that stars Jason Statham, Masi Oka, Jessica McNamee, Ruby Rose, Fan Bingbing, and now, Rainn Wilson, doesn’t feel like it can be real. But it most certainly is. According to Deadline, Wilson will play a tech billionaire named Jack Morris — because tech billionaires are the cinematic heel du jour in the 21st century — who accidentally unleashes the fury of the Carcharodon megalodon, Meg for short, after he builds an underwater observation program (that provokes it?). Statham’s Naval captain character then has to save us all from certain aquatic terror with the help of maybe everyone else in the cast. Or maybe with the help of no one, because the Mechanic/Transporter/Lee Christmas/Deckard Shaw/Chev Chelios doesn’t need anyone’s damn help! This megalodon better brush up on its martial-arts skills, otherwise its prehistoric ass is about to get kicked.

Rainn Wilson Joins the Shark Action Thriller Meg