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Reese Witherspoon Will Star in Movie From Daughter of Nancy Meyers, Reminding Us She’s Never Been in a Nancy Meyers Movie

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You know what’s weird? Reese Witherspoon has never starred in a Nancy Meyers movie. Right now you’re probably thinking, But I’m sure I read about Witherspoon and Meyers teaming up for a project probably around 2002. But no, you actually didn’t read about that. It almost happened last year, when the ageless Hollywood blonde was set to star in The Intern, but she had to back out due to scheduling conflicts. So while Reese will go on with a Nancy Meyers–kitchen sized hole in her filmography, she is now signed on to star in a film written and directed by Meyers’s progeny, Hallie Meyers-Shyer, for her indie picture Home Again. According to Variety, the elder Meyers was instrumental in getting the script to Witherspoon, surely because she’s thinking, “You have to be in a movie by at least one Meyers.” The plot revolves around a recently separated woman with two children “whose new life in Los Angeles is overturned when she decides to take in three young, charismatic guys,” which begs the question: Just how young are these “guys”? Witherspoon is only 40, so unless they mean “late-stage teenagers,” why would a woman her age be taking in “young, charismatic guys” who are possibly in their 20s? Do they not have their own moms? Or aunts? Can they not look after themselves? What does “take in” mean in this context? All these questions will be answered in time, but for now, let us dream of which Meyers Kitchen Reese would have looked best in over the years.

Reese Witherspoon to Star in Home Again