Rhymefest Was Robbed at Gunpoint Then Treated Poorly by Chicago Police

Portrait Of Rhymefest
Photo: Paul Natkin/Getty Images

Early Saturday morning, hip-hop artist Rhymefest was robbed at gunpoint in Chicago. Best known for his songwriting credits (he co-wrote Kanye’s “Jesus Walks” and won the 2015 Academy Award for Best Original Song for “Glory”), the Chicago native was sitting in his parked car when an unidentified man jumped into the vehicle and demanded his wallet. When the rapper, who was born Che Smith, then went to the police, the officer behind the desk did not seem concerned about the report. In a video Rhymefest released on Twitter, he can be heard telling the authorities, “I don’t feel comfortable, because I feel like when the camera goes off you all start telling me to get out and I can’t make a report.” Since then, the police have apologized. “We are disappointed with what we’ve seen and how Mr. Smith was treated,” Chicago Police spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi wrote in a statement, “and the chief of patrol called him personally to apologize on behalf of the department. And Superintendent Johnson has directed the chief of patrol to ensure this matter is addressed today with the district.”

Rhymefest also addressed his attacker on Twitter, asking the young man to apologize. “To the young brother that put the gun to my head this morning & took my wallet. You don’t know how you just damaged your community,” he wrote. “When you look in my wallet & see the name Che Smith on the ID. DM me, yes contact me apologize and talk to me like a brother.” Read the tweets and watch the video footage below.

Rhymefest Robbed Then Treated Poorly by Police