The Rick and Morty Cast Improvised a Mini-Episode Just for Vulture

For what seems like an eternity, season three of Rick and Morty has been speculated on, rumored about, and alluded to by the shows co-creators, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. According to Harmon, the current release is targeted for “the end of this year.”

So when we were at San Diego Comic-Con this year, we had an idea. In an attempt to quell some of the uneasy anticipation, we sat down with Harmon and Roiland, as well as Spencer Grammer, who voices Summer in the show, and Ryan Ridley, one of the show’s producers, to ask them to produce a mini-episode, on the spot, about Summer’s future.

What unfolded was a scatological tale — one where Summer becomes a homicidal Ivy Leaguer and Rick subjects Morty to one of his crappiest contraptions yet.

Watch: Rick and Morty Improvised A New Episode