New Riverdale Trailer Serves Up Archie Dark and Hot

The CW’s hotly anticipated Riverdale has always been a weird sell. The people behind the 2017 show have long described it as “Archie meets Twin Peaks, which has sounded like a recipe for campy disaster. (I mean, really, just look at that “welcome to” sign.) However, audiences who got to see a trailer for the show at this year’s upfronts and see the pilot at San Diego Comic-Con have been unexpectedly bullish on the Archie Comics adaptation, and now you can get a glimpse at what all the fuss is about. In less than 90 seconds, you get a super-jacked Archie shirtless, a dead body, an illicit teacher-student affair, an incestuous walk on a beach, and Veronica in full HBIC mode. Oh, and Luke Perry as Archie’s dad. Weirdly, it all holds together without being laughable! The new trailer can be viewed above, with the original teasers below. It debuts on the CW on January 26.

Riverdale Trailers Serve Up Archie Dark and Hot