Riz Ahmed Somehow Found the Time to Make a Whole Album With Heems

Riz Ahmed just doesn’t stop. Photo: Getty Images

By now, you’ve probably noticed that your summer crush Riz Ahmed is everywhere. Between starring in HBO’s The Night Of, Jason Bourne, Star Wars: Rogue One, and your dreams, he’s the man of the moment. It may however surprise you to learn he’s also a rapper, who goes by the moniker Riz MC. And to cap off Riz’s prolific year, he’s announced that his rap duo with Heems (formerly of Das Racist), Swet Shop Boys, will drop their debut album, Cashmere, on October 14. Riz, we beg you, get some sleep! The duo had previously released one politically blistering mixtape in 2014, now they’re back for more. “T5,” the album’s first single, hits hard at the pathetic reality that no matter how famous either of them gets, to most of the world, they’ll never be more than a couple of terrorists. “Oh no, we’re in trouble / TSA always wanna burst my bubble / Always get a random check when I rock the stubble,” they rap about incessant racial profiling. “Think we’re termites, wanna terminate us.”

Riz Ahmed and Heems Announce Debut Album