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Tom Hiddleston Joined Instagram Today, So Robert Downey Jr. Made a Joke About Him and Taylor Swift

Robert Downey Jr Visits
Photo: Jamie McCarthy/2016 Getty Images

Earlier today, Tom Hiddleston broke ground on his brand-new Instagram with an image of himself done up in Loki attire, teasing his return to Thor: Ragnorak. Immediately, the speculation began. Is he doing this to promote a movie? Is he doing this to promote his relationship with Taylor Swift? Is Taylor Swift having him do this to promote a possible album release? Is anything real? Only time will tell, but fortunately, the rascally Robert Downey Jr. took the opportunity to have a bit of fun at his Marvel colleague’s expense, posting a ’gram of his own to commemorate the dorkiest moment of Hiddleston’s professional life and welcome him to the neighborhood. “Join me in welcoming the biggest T. Stark fan of them all to Instagram! @twhiddleston,” wrote RDJ beside a photo of Hiddleston grinning in his Taymerica Fourth of July Spectacular uniform. An image of a 35-year-old man wearing a tank top in the ocean that says “I [Heart] T.S.” in tribute to his mid-20s girlfriend is too funny not to bring up over and over again for at least a year, so maybe just keep circling back until Ragnorak comes out next November, RDJ. The joke is going to hold up.

Robert Downey Jr. Made Fun of Tom Hiddleston