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Scandal Recasts Jake’s Wife, in One of Its Less-Outlandish Twists

Gilsig (R) and Carter (L). Photo: Getty Images

As part of a Gucci Mane–style conspiracy, Jake Ballard’s wife on Scandal is being replaced by a near-identical clone. Joelle Carter, who started playing Vanessa Moss in the second half of last season, is leaving Shondaland for Chicago Justice. Jessalyn Gilsig will replace her. The size of Gilsig’s role in the upcoming season is being kept under wraps, but she is available for a larger arc, as she recently finished off a three-season run on Vikings. Let’s just hope that Scandal doesn’t saddle Gilsig with the same fake-pregnancy arc she had on Glee.

Scandal Recasts Jake’s Wife With Jessalyn Gilsig