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John Krasinski and James Corden Have Been Hallmarks of Great American Film’s … Cutting Floors

Abbott and Costello, Siegfried and Roy, M&M: History has been awash with creative duos who, through the power of two, have changed the name of the game. But one duo has gotten lost to time or, more specifically, to time’s cutting floors. That’s Krasinski and Corden, the two-man acting troupe composed of John Krasinski and James Corden. Throughout their century-long indomitable career, Krasinski and Corden have almost been in classics of the American screen like A Few Good Men, Pulp Fiction, and, of course, Gone With the Wind. Sure, they were then fired from all of those projects (c’mon, what do you expect when you ad-lib Sorkin dialogue?), but the point is that they were a part of the process. But don’t ask about Into the Woods … let’s just say someone (*cough* Emily Blunt *cough*) was in the wrong story.

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