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Not Satisfied With Sausage Party Ruining Your Animated Appetite, Seth Rogen Pranked Innocents With Live-Action Talking Food

What is a press tour, without a prank? In the midst of promoting Sausage Party, his animated film about food with feelings, Seth Rogen brought the fiesta to our reality with a grocery-store prank. The setup, which went down at a C-Town market in New York, had a few components: an animatronic cantaloupe, sausage, and a loaf of broad; a merciless Seth Rogen lying in wait behind-the-scenes; and a market of innocents. Via talking food, Rogen startled shoppers, delivering impassioned guilt trips from secretly sentient sustenance. Maybe we should just be grateful that the talking food didn’t break into a flash mob? Look, those C-Town patrons may have had to live through this Sausage Party prank in the moment, but Rogen’s the one who’ll have to live with his actions for the long haul. So many aisles to go before he sleeps.

Seth Rogen Pranked Innocents With Talking Food