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Seth Rogen Thinks Journalists Bungled the Sony Hack, But Boy Is He Glad He Didn’t Get Hacked Way Worse

It can be subtle, the difference between personal and professional emails: fuller sentences, additional line breaks, so many more exclamation points. In the case of a global hack, however, those distinctions can make the difference between some limited professional embarrassment and needing to shield yourself from loved ones. At least that’s one of the lessons that Seth Rogen took away from the Sony hack, he revealed on Any Given Wednesday, explaining that (while the hack dinged the heck out of The Interview) had his personal email been hacked too, “I would’ve had some ’splainin to do.” Why? Because, like us all (yes, even you), Seth Rogen is a shit-talker. “You talk shit about a million people in your day-to-day life in your emailing,” he said.

Hey, and speaking of shit-talking, Rogen had some not so nice things to say about the journalists who covered the contents of the hack, a decision he thinks will be remembered as a major media failure. Rogen shut down the argument that the hack brought to light important information, like the Hollywood pay gap, saying, “What happened as a result of all of that? One person lost her job: A woman who was running the studio who specifically had a very feminist agenda in the best way possible.” Whether Amy Pascal would still have her job if not for the Sony hack is an arguable point, but there’s got to be Sony hack common ground for Rogen, Pascal, and journalists nationwide to get behind. Like, Aloha, for example. We’re all onboard with the opinion: “What the heck was that?” — right?

Seth Rogen Thinks Journalists Bungled Sony Hack