Bollywood Legend Shah Rukh Khan Detained by U.S. Customs Yet Again

Indian Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan. Photo: Sujit Jaiswal/AFP/Getty Images

To paraphrase recording artist M.I.A., borders are terrible, especially if you’re routinely subjected to racial profiling and detained by the TSA. After being held at customs in 2009 and 2012, Bollywood legend Shah Rukh Khan was held at LAX today yet again. “I fully understand & respect security with the way the world is, but to be detained at US immigration every damn time really really sucks,” Khan tweeted with impressive patience. U.S. Department of State assistant secretary for South and Central Asia Nisha Biswal and U.S. ambassador to India Rich Verma sent their condolences in response, to which Khan gave a charming and measured response (the guy is one of the world’s biggest movie stars):

At least he caught a few Pokémon, though the customs agents probably tried to seize those, too.

Bollywood Star Detained by U.S. Customs Again