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Shannon Purser From Stranger Things Wants to Play Marvel’s Squirrel Girl

Photo: Curtis Baker/Netflix

Earlier this summer, Anna Kendrick read a Squirrel Girl comic and announced that she wanted to play her in a movie. If you aren’t familiar with the title, the comic centers around Doreen Green, a fictional super-heroine who is able to fight major super-villains through her ability to communicate with squirrels. Also, her motto is “Kick butts and eat nuts,” which is probably why Kendrick now has some competition: Shannon Purser, who played Barb on Netflix’s Stranger Things. Purser tweeted about wanting to play Squirrel Girl back in July, and then recently discussed the role in an interview with Revelist. Purser says that “Squirrel Girl is just adorable but at the same time is totally boss and completely awesome. I think people need a character like that.” Purser identifies with Squirrel Girl because she is “a little bit younger and like a real person, trying to figure out her life and then also having to save the world.”

While Squirrel Girl is clearly the hero the world needs right now, we aren’t sure that Marvel even intends to make a Squirrel Girl movie, so you shouldn’t put all your nuts in one basket (if this is not a saying, it should at least be the new motto).

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