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Shut In Trailer: Naomi Watts Is Being Haunted

We haven’t really seen Panic-Stricken Naomi Watts since 2011, when she starred in Dream House and The Impossible, and considering how well she does deep distress, that’s a real shame. But this November, Naomi Watts is finally returning to the horror genre with Shut In. Watts plays a child psychologist named Mary who sees patients in her house, where she is also caring for her teenage son who is catatonic and paralyzed after a terrible car accident. In short: Mary’s life is really sad, and when she meets young Tom (Jacob Tremblay), she treats him as a surrogate child and takes him into her own home — because Watts doesn’t play characters with healthy boundaries. All the awfulness of her life then compounds when Tom gets lost in a terrible winter storm outside her rural New England home, and after the disappearance, ghostly things start happening to her and her (real) son. Spooky!