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Stephen Colbert Notices What Ryan Lochte and Donald Trump Have in Common Besides Bad Dye Jobs

After reaching new highs at his Late Show gig with his coverage of the Republican and Democratic National Conventions, Stephen Colbert left us to fend for ourselves during Olympics shenanigans and the current nonstop political roller coaster while he went on vacation. Monday night, however, he returned ready to take some swings at two famous Americans with infamous hair: Ryan Lochte and Donald Trump. Colbert suggested maybe Lochte should run for president, which seems like a dangerous idea to plant in the noggin of the nation’s aquatic bro-in-chief, who will be old enough to run by the 2020 election. We can already imagine his campaign promise to “Make America Jeah Again” on Lochte-designed shoes across the land.

Stephen Colbert Draws a Lochte/Trump Comparison