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Stephen Colbert Calls Donald Trump a ‘D-Bag’ and ‘P.O.S.’

Fresh off his coverage of the Democratic National Convention coverage, Stephen Colbert came out swinging against Donald Trump in Monday night’s The Late Show. Colbert brought back the corporate-lawyer-approved “The Werd” segment to respond to Donald Trump’s criticism of DNC speakers Khizr and Ghazala Khan, Muslim parents of an American soldier who died in the Iraq War. Colbert, using shortened phrases due to “space considerations,” expressed sentiments many are thinking, first and foremost being, “What the F?” (“What the Family”). During the clip he also calls Trump a “D-Bag” (that’s “Dad-Bag”) and a P.O.S., which in this case means “part of society,” but if you want to assume the letters are an acronym for something that can’t be said on network television, you wouldn’t be alone. 

Colbert Calls Trump a ‘D-Bag’ and ‘P.O.S.’