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All the Subtle Foreshadowing in Southside With You

In Southside With You, the biopic that follows President Barack Obama (Parker Sawyers) and lawyer Michelle Robinson (Tika Sumpter) as they go on a fateful first date in the summer of 1989, there is a lot of subtle foreshadowing. Thankfully, Conan clears it all up for us. Just look at the moment when Barack Obama tries to take Michelle out on a date, and a man yells from across the street that Barack “sure would make a great 44th president,” or that Michelle would “make a great First Lady, and a great mother to Malia and Sasha.” But watch carefully to catch the moment when the man mentions that Donald Trump would make a great president, and gets hit by a car! Truly eye-opening. Watch the clip above.

The Subtle Foreshadowing in Southside With You