proto-suicide squad

Certain Suicide Squad Members Might Appear in the Next Season of Gotham

Fox’s Batman prequel Gotham might just offer clues to how Suicide Squad got made. No, not how the critically panned movie went so wrong, but how the individual villains turned heroes got their starts in the decades before the Dark Knight took over crime fighting. During a Television Critics Association’s press conference, the show’s executive producer John Stephens revealed at least one of the characters will make an appearance in young “proto” form in the third season. “We will be seeing proto-versions of some of [the Suicide Squad] characters; we’ll see a proto-Killer Croc version,” Stephens explained, “And we’ll be seeing a character — perhaps not this season, but in times to come — who can be a forerunner for Harley Quinn.”

While he didn’t reveal outright who would play a younger version of Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje’s character, he did say, “If you see someone who has a scientific anomaly to their skin that it grows in a certain way, ‘Oh, I’m going to take that and grow Killer Croc from that in the future.’” Last season, the program similarly introduced a psychotic smiling character named “Jerome,” who is never explicitly referred to as the Joker, but most people assume we’ll see him with green hair before the series finale. Any girlfriends this Jerome brings around should certainly be suspect of future squadding.

Suicide Squad Members Might Come to Gotham