The Tick Comes to Amazon in New Clips

Geeks have long felt that the robustly baritoned comedic whiz Peter Serafinowicz was an ideal choice to play long-running, quasi-satirical, blue-uniformed, antennae-bearing superhero the Tick — and now, we have formal confirmation that he is, indeed, quite perfect for the role. The character — who originated in an indie comic in the mid-1980s and was immortalized in a frenetic ‘90s cartoon and an aughts TV series — is returning to the screen for a new Amazon show, and Entertainment Weekly has unveiled two clips from it. Luckily, they seem to buck the rumors that this was a grim and gritty reboot. Though the setting feels realistic, the Tick is still as charmingly braggadocious as ever, whether he’s facing down sinister criminal scum or inadvertently wrecking future sidekick Arthur’s poor apartment. Yell “spoon!” and hit play.

The Tick Returns in New Clips