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Thor: Ragnarok Set Photos Hint at Doctor Strange Run-in

Thor: Ragnarok is filming in Australia, which means it’s moved on to the newest stage of Marvel-movie development, the part where we obsessively check out photos from the set to see how much of the finished film we can spoil for ourselves. Luckily for our purposes, a number of cast and crew have tweeted out revealing images from the show’s antipodal New York City on the streets of Brisbane. The most important teaser is a shot of Hemsworth’s Thor holding a business card with the address 177A Bleecker Street — which in the Marvel universe is not the site of a $900,00 1BR, but rather the headquarters of Doctor Strange. Will Benedict Cumberbatch be making an appearance alongside his best friend, Tom Hiddleston, or is this just a tiny Easter egg? (It’s the second photo in the Tweet.)

In lighter news, Chris Hemsworth also posted this shot of himself and Hiddleston sitting in front of a newsstand that, regrettably, doesn’t carry The Sun. A closer look does reveal some fun fake newspaper names, including Big Apple News, Lady Liberty News, and Sleepless City News. You can’t tell, but on their smartphones, all the pedestrians in this movie are reading blogs like Rubbernecker, Gothamite, and Condor.

Thor: Ragnarok Set Photos Reveal NYC Scenes